Thursday, February 14, 2008

Medical Proof that Cognitive Behaviorial Tharapy Changes Brain Chemistry

First of all let's address:

What is cognitive behavioral therapy and why does it work?

According to cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy is defined in this way:

Cognitive therapy: A relatively short-term form of psychotherapy based on the concept that the way we think about things affects how we feel emotionally. Cognitive therapy focuses on present thinking, behavior, and communication rather than on past experiences and is oriented toward problem solving. Cognitive therapy has been applied to a broad range of problems including depression, anxiety, panic, fears, eating disorders, substance abuse, and personality problems.

Cognitive therapy is sometimes called cognitive behavior therapy because it aims to help people in the ways they think (the cognitive) and in the ways they act (the behavior). Cognitive therapy has, for instance, been used to help cocaine-dependent individuals become abstinent from cocaine and other substances. The underlying assumption is that learning processes play an important role in the development and continuation of cocaine abuse and dependence. These same learning processes can be used to help individuals reduce their drug use.

Personal and Medical Proof and How it Works

As someone who has gone through a cognitive behavioral course to learn to stop negative thoughts and to form healthy accurate thinking patterns and is now teaching it, I know first hand that it works. I have witnessed it in my own life and in the lives of others. Why does it also work for depression and complete addiction recovery? Because it actually addresses the root cause of depression and addictions - unresolved emotional pain - something that antidepressants can not do.

Knowing first hand that cognitive behavioral therapy works, it's great to see medical proof in an MRI scan that it does. We have the power to change our brain chemistry by addressing the cause of depression and stopping negative thinking. Realizing that you can stop negative thinking and learning how to is an absolutely wonderfully liberating thing. Change and happiness and inner peace can be achieved by recognizing what triggers negative thoughts and then stopping them.

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Anonymous said...

In our life time, each one of us as humans, experience fear, anger, envy, sadness, insecurity and many other negative emotions and thoughts. These thoughts turn us into fearful people with doubts and insecurity. All these emotions and thoughts cover our real, beautiful inner nature.