Friday, February 8, 2008

5 Laws of Time Management

It seems as though everyone struggles with time management. There just aren't enough hours in the day we often say. Try these laws to keep you focused.

1. Know where you're going.
Write down a mission statement, goals and priorities. Keep these with you at all times. Review them at least twice daily. Without a plan, every moment will be a waste.

2. Recognize that each and every moment is a gift from God that is to be used toward your mission statement, goals and priorities and for His glory.

3. Analyze everything you do as you go throughout your day.
Does each thing fit into your mission statement, goals and priorities? If so great. If not, do away with it and replace it with something that does.

4. Become conscious of time wasters.
Most everyone participates in them. They will be different for each person. The little ones all add up to make a large chunk of time. Lingering in the shower or at the breakfast table, deciding what to wear, reading junk mail, or email forwards are just a few some people participate in. Make a list of yours. Work to eliminate them once you recognize them.

5. Be wise, but don't structure your life to that you don't enjoy the little things.
Take time to smell the flowers, soak in the sunsets, and spend time with family. It will rejuvenate you to work toward your mission statement, goals and priorities.

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