Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marvel erases Spidey-MJ Marriage

USA Today breaks the news:

In Amazing Spider-Man #545 last week, Peter and Mary Jane make a tearful deal with the devil-like character Mephisto: In exchange for saving Aunt May's life, Mephisto erases all traces of the Peter-Mary Jane marriage from memory.

In the issue out this week, subtitled Brand New Day, Peter Parker returns to his roots — young, nerdy and single. Aunt May is alive and well and Mary Jane is again just part of the cast. The marriage never happened.

What's up with this? Marvel can't erase a 21 year marriage just like that. Or can they? It's the comic world. I guess they can.

I know that many people would like to erase their marriage from existence. Sad.... What if instead we just erased our own selfishness. What if both partners just focused on what their spouse wanted instead of what they wanted. It happens over and over again that when this is put into practice - when someone focuses on pleasing their spouse that somehow their needs end up getting met too. How this world would change if we all practiced some humility - it's a win/win situation.


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