Saturday, January 12, 2008

Will Dr. Oz Make You Young?

Along our journey to finding happiness we must not forget that taking care of our health is crucial. It's definitely the time of year when everyone is thinking about their health and how to lose weight and take better care of themselves. Some people have probably already given up on their attempts to be healthier this year. Some are still going strong.

The thing to remember is that living healthy is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Diet implies something temporary. Being healthy is about replacing old bad habits with new good habits. The great thing is that when we form new good habits then they basically become second nature to us and we feel good all the time. It's a permanent change and a wonderful one.

You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty

authors purpose of this book is to show us ways to retard or slow down aging. While this book can be a little corny with it's cartoons and has a "busy" feel to it it gives ways to take care of our bodies. It first gives us knowledge into how the different systems in our bodies work and then explains to us what they need in order to be at their prime and last longer while preventing disease. I think we can all say that we would all like to prevent cancer and other diseases. Some topics of discussion are foods with specific health benefits, supplements and exercise. I particularly like learning how our bodies work and knowing what specific foods do to keep them running optimally.

Let's make a lifestyle change for the better!!!


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