Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Meaningful is Your Dash?

The Dash

Have you ever thought about what's really important? If you haven't, you won't be able to stop thinking about what's important after viewing this movie, The Dash, and reading the book. The book is written by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson of Simple Truths. The people at Simple Truths have a real grasp on what happiness and success is.

The Dash begins by talking about someone speaking at a funeral. He refers to the dates on the person's tombstones from beginning to the end, but then goes on to say that what mattered the most was the dash between the dates - how the person lived their life - what they did that was meaningful? It then prompts us to think about what we are doing with our dash. The 3 minute movie is free to view. I love how they make the movies free to view. Simply click on the banner above and enjoy.

Let me say you will never get the full impact of this message without viewing The Dash movie and reading the book. It will change your life forever. You really will not be able to stop thinking about what you are doing with your life and if you are making your dash important. I have to say it has changed my life. I hope you allow it to change yours also. I believe this is my favorite of the Simple Truths movies and books although each one is so powerful.

We'll end here with a thought. What are you doing with your dash? What is happiness? What is important to you? Are you truly making these things priorities in your life? Have you to told the people in your life that they are special to you? Are you showing and telling them on a consistent basis? These questions are really making me think...... I think I'll go take action.


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