Monday, April 7, 2008

How Big are You?

I have this shirt from my college days that has this quote on it by John Donne

No man is

an Island,

entire of

itself; every

man is a

piece of



a part

of the


I have been thinking about this quote a lot and how it goes along with many of my blog posts on Steps to Happiness. I wanted to share it as a reminder that the world is bigger than we are. Let's continue to think about what we can do to make a contribution to this world.

What contribution will you make today......?


Lori said...

I love this quote. Only the foolish fail to realize that we are all part of one whole...all dependent upon one another. If we could truly understand and accept this, wouldn't the world be a happier place?

Holding this perspective can have a direct impact on how we behave and the choices we make. Each day, there are many little opportunities to put these ideas into action and improve the world if only in a small way.

Jennifer said...

Well said, Lori! Each moment presents an opportunity for us to act on this. It's a mindset that if we adapt will change our lives.

Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Jennifer,

This is a great quote, and one that's often forgotten. Thank you for bringing it to the surface again.

I like that fact that just sharing a smile, saying thank you, or opening a door for someone else, can brighten another person's day, and maybe even be the only kind deed they have see in quite some time.

In this busy world we live in, we often forget it's not "all about me", it's about all of "us".

Jennifer said...

Hi Barbara.

You are so right. Often times it's the little simple things that can often make the big difference - those things like a smile or holding the door open or "You look really pretty today." It's amazing what those things can do not only to brighten someone else's day, but also our own.