Thursday, December 20, 2007

Positive Attitude: Open Mind Equals 20/20 Vision

This is likely to be a long (but VERY IMPORTANT) post because I just had a big revelation this morning....

Maybe I'll turn it into more than one post....

The last week or two I have had this mental block on moving forward and achieving my goals and have been working to try to figure out what it is and this morning as I was reflecting on something else my eyes were opened.

In our classes that we have been going through on acquiring the attitudes and skills necessary to lead a happy and peaceful life we were taught the ingredients that make up a positive attitude. I wrote them all down, knew it sounded good and was right, but I have struggled with what 2 of them meant exactly. It was as if I had a mental block on that also.

So this morning I determined that I was going to have a positive attitude today and was going over all the ingredients that make up a positive attitude. There was that block on those 2 things that I couldn't quiet figure out so I thought about it and started writing things down and the more I wrote the more my eyes were open and everything was crystal clear. It was great.

Let me first go over these first 3 ingredients for a positive attitude and then I will explain my revelation.
1. Seeing the overall picture
2. Not setting yourself up for failure.
3. Looking ahead. Asking "What good can come from this (situation)?"

I was having trouble distinguishing between number 1 and 3. They just seemed the same.

Here's what I finally was able to see:

Seeing the overall picture does mean looking into the future like number 3, but it most definitely precedes number three - or makes number 3 possible to do. Number 1 means you have vision and focus. You have goals and are focused on them. You know what you want out of life. You have defined your priorities and set them in order. You know exactly what is important to you and you act accordingly.

You don't allow yourself, your life to get caught up in the insignificant things that don't matter and neglect the things that really do matter and just drift through life. You don't just lay around and watch TV all day - not that a little TV is bad, but you don't let it consume your life because you have no purpose or meaning. Positive thinking and Seeing the overall picture requires you to define exactly what is important to you and BECAUSE it is important to you.... you act accordingly. You do not let your life somehow slip away from you without even realizing it has BECAUSE you had no focus..... When you see the overall picture, each day you wake up with vision, focus, priorities and goals. You know precisely what is important to you so you engage in positive thinking to live it out and make it happen. When you have vision you don't wait for things to happen TO you. You not only look for opportunities, but you MAKE OPPORTUNITIES. You MAKE things happen the way you want.

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Good one on positivethinking and it helps a lot.

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