Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Choose a Good Coffee

So why pay more for coffee when you can get a cheap bag or can off the shelf at the grocery store? Isn’t it all really the same? I mean, is there really a difference besides the price? What constitutes a good quality coffee?

Let’s talk about freshness.

When you buy a can or bag of coffee at the store what are you getting? Well, who knows? Who knows how long it has been in storage at the factory? Who knows how long it’s been in storage at the store or how many weeks, months, or even years the stockers have pushed that bag or can to the back before it finally made its way to the front where you pick it up and take it home? (I know personally how it works. I have worked at those stores.)

So does that matter? Don’t coffee beans stay fresh in that bag or can, especially those bags that are vacuum sealed? Well…. No is the answer to that question. The vacuum helps, but the coffee beans still degrade or break down. The break down process begins immediately after roasting where it begins to lose its flavor. Time only continues the process.

Some companies claim to provide you with freshly roasted coffee, but it’s always a good idea to check. If flavor and quality is important to you then finding a company who roasts it fresh to order is the only way to go. Once you taste coffee that has been truly freshly roasted you will notice the difference and never be able to go back!

So what else is important in finding the best quality coffee?

Let’s talk about roasting.

Our friends at Wikipedia tell us that coffee roasting transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into a roasted coffee product that we then consume.

Most coffee companies use conventional drum roasters which will roast the coffee, but because the chaff remains in the drum it begins to smolder and leaves a smoky tarry oily film on the bean giving it a bite and bitter aftertaste.

Convection air roasting is by far the best coffee roasting method. Heated air is forced up through the coffee beans and the tarry chaff is carried away immediately. The roasting is even every time. The result is the most incredible and highest quality taste imaginable. It is very clean and smooth going down and no harsh aftertaste is present. It’s pure ecstasy. Once you have tried coffee roasted this way going back to anything less will not be an option in your mind or to your tastebuds.

This information is very personal to me because I used to think coffee was coffee. It all pretty much tasted the same to me. I was finally given the opportunity to try Raven’s Brew Coffee®. I was hooked from the first sip. It’s the freshest and smoothest I’ve ever tried. It has just the right amount of sweetness. I can’t even fathom going to anything else.

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